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Who Are We?

Trademark Properties is a real estate solutions company here in Minnesota.  We’re a local, family owned business and focus on helping property owners sell their property by creating solutions that work for their unique situation.  We help people focus on what’s important in their life, rather than being robbed by the time and energy of a property sale.

Everyone’s situation is unique.  It doesn’t matter if you’re facing foreclosure, behind on maintenance, relocating, or just don’t want to deal with the hassle of selling your home.  We provide individualized service that corporate buyers can’t.  Even if you don’t sell to us, we can help you navigate your options and next steps.  We’re here to help!


Jon works as our acquisitions manager.  If you call Trademark Properties, he will likely be the person you meet with.  Though he grew up on a farm in small town Minnesota, he’s grown to love the city.  He loves meeting new people and helping remove burdens for people to focus on what they love in life (which was a driver for starting Trademark Properties).


Katie is our owner and works as our design coordinator.  She loves thinking through how spaces can best serve people.  As similarly a Minnesota native, she has always had a passion for real estate and providing a place of belonging.  She loves serving the special needs community, and focuses a lot of energy supervising our employees below.


Trevor works as our lead negotiator.  Jon and Katie are constantly impressed with how naturally he can end up getting what he wants.



Eli works as our demolition specialist.  There is usually always a trail of debris following his path.



Simon is our landscape architect.  Dirt areas are his favorite, regardless of how big or how small.



Future Intern joining the team soon. Job duties have yet to be determined.



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