Are you dealing with pet problems in Minneapolis / St Paul (Twin Cities) ?

Most of the time, pets are the BEST! They are good listeners, never judge, love everyone unconditionally and become part of the family. With pet health insurance, pet bakeries, and their toys & food delivered to our front door, we love them and spoil them rotten.  It’s the way it should be.

But every once in a while, a pet’s behavior becomes a problem. Sometimes a major problem.  And (you’ll love this if you’re a “dog person”) while dogs have the capability to create more home damage, the damage that cats do is longer-lasting and often requires more extensive work and money to repair.  Nevertheless, both can wreak havoc.

Some of the complaints we hear from homeowners in Minneapolis / St Paul (Twin Cities) include everything from cats spraying flooring and walls, dogs “marking their territory”, walls, trim & wiring being chewed, and destruction of landscaping – and even pet birds get in on the action. Unfortunately, pet damage is usually not covered by homeowner’s insurance. Ugh. So what do you do?  Especially if you’re planning to sell the property?

Here are a few things we recommend.

Assess The Damage – Call in a professional contractor to evaluate the damage and to provide an estimate on repairing the home. Don’t be surprised if you have to tear up carpeting or wood flooring, as well as parts of walls or trim, to eliminate odors such as urine. It’s common and usually unavoidable.

Do Your Own Repairs – This is the dirtier option, but it could save some money. It will be hard work, but will need to be done, especially if you are planning on selling the home. Homes with pet odors and damage don’t sell well, if at all.

Sell To A Professional Home Buyer – Like us at Trademark Properties. We will buy your home as-is for cash and will take care of the damage for you. Call us today at 612-594-5097 to get a fair offer and some peace-of-mind.

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