We Buy Houses from Seniors

We want to help you make these the best years yet

It’s not surprising, but when people are polled to look back on their life and share what they wish they spent more time doing, “selling a home” never makes the list.

At Trademark Properties, we specifically started our company with seniors in mind. When it comes to transitioning out of a home, whether that to be to downsize, to move into into a senior community, to move closer to family, or to simplify life, the process itself can be very overwhelming and daunting. Do you find yourself in any of the following circumstances?

  • Not in a position to take on the repairs needed to sell your house
  • Don’t have relatives nearby that can help you with the process
  • Need help figuring out your next living arrangement before you can even consider moving
  • Don’t want to go through the process of having to list your house with a realtor and the stress of house showings
  • Don’t feel knowledgeable on all your options for selling a house
  • Want to sell, but want to sell to people who will cherish it and care for it in the same way you do

If you resonated with any of these, then we created this company specifically with you in mind!

Trademark Properties is a real estate solutions company based here in Minnesota.  We’re a local, family owned business and focus on helping homeowners sell their property by creating win-win solutions that work for their unique situation.  We help people focus on what’s important in their life, rather than being robbed by the time and energy of a property sale.

Specifically, we offer ease, accommodation, and security by taking on the time, labor, and risk of a house sale.

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The following additional services are available, even if you decide to not sell to us:

  • Handle all repairs and renovations needed to get your house ready for sale
  • Coordinate any home maintenance services (e.g. lawn care, snow removal, heating/cooling checkups) if you desire to stay in your property
  • Assist in securing your next living arrangements, which can even include picking you up and bringing you to facility showings
  • Coordinate all moving logistics
  • And much more!

Again, we cater to the unique circumstances and needs of each individual. Contact us today at no obligation to see if there are ways we can serve you.

*10% of all of our profits go to local non-profits in the area